In the summer of 2007 a group of handicapped children and persons disabled since childhood were turned out of a pension village at Kratovo. The reason stated was that the houses needed repair. What actually happened was that the director Mr. A. Tarasov wanted to bankrupt the pension village and sell the villas to rich people.

The disabled children were driven out in a subtle way. First the footpaths where they walked were dug in such a way that their wheelchairs couldnt pass to the recreational courtyard. After that, trees were removed and the whole forest was covered with branches. Logging in Kratovo is strictly prohibited.

These children are monsters, the Administration hissed with shining steel blue eyes.

The village was partitioned and workers came. Disabled children began to receive notices requiring them to abandon the Kratovo pension with their wheelchairs. Go away, you, monsters! But the disabled children havent gone. Some may have paid the last of their money to have a rest in the only place they could stay.

Then the Administration cut off the water supply of the mutineers. And workers lived in the partitioned village enjoying its utilities. Parents were forced to drag paralyzed children through stones and roots to a well where they washed them with muddy water from an unknown source. Correspondents from NTV, REN-TV and the Third Moscow television channels came to report on the lawlessness narrowly missing being beaten in a brawl, barely saving their equipment.

The Administration hasnt extended rental contracts with parents since September. The fight runs on

Dear friends, if you believe this situation only concerns disabled persons you are grossly mistaken. It can happen to anyone. It concerns you.

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